Pensions / Retirement Planning

The main advantage of a pension plan over other forms of saving and investment are the tax benefits available. At present, the main tax benefits are:

•Tax relief – for every €100 of income invested in a pension plan, the real cost after tax relief is €80 if tax is paid at 20% or €60 if tax is paid at the top rate of 40%. The real cost for employees may be even lower as there is some relief on PRSI and health levy payments;

•Tax-free investment growth – no tax is payable so the pension fund can grow in value more quickly than a standard investment plan, where 33% tax is payable on fund growth;

•Tax free lump sum on retirement – on retirement a tax-free lump sum can be taken from the pension fund.

Here at O’Sullivan Insurances, our financial advisers have extensive experience dealing with the following types of pensions and can advise which option best fits our client’s needs:


•Personal Pensions

•Company pensions/ executive pensions

•Self Directed pensions

•Self-administered pensions

•Group pension schemes

•Additional group benefits (Death in Service and Group Protection)

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Financial Advice

New clients are offered a full financial review where we look at all aspects of their financial planning to see where we may be able to assist them. This structured process involves:

1.Determining their current financial circumstances;

2.Identifying, quantifying and prioritising their financial objectives;

3.Devising a strategy to meet those objectives looking at current resources and products available on the market;

4.Making recommendations on how best to meet client objectives outlining the reasons for such recommendations and why they are the most suitable;

5.Regular reviews to assess how effectively clients are meeting their financial goals.

Our financial advisers are all APA/QFA qualified and have years of experience in all areas of the financial planning process. They will provide clients with a comprehensive report offering a full overview of finances and financial plans for the future. More importantly they will help clients put a financial plan in place to ensure they are in the best position to meet these goals using whatever resources are available to them.

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